Man Gets DUI Charge On Motorized Wheelchair

Friday afternoon in Kroger Supermarket in Conyers, Georgia was unusual as a man was cited for public drunkenness and DUI operating a motorized wheelchair. Danny Mitchell is 48 years old and had the police called when he was backing into the building and running over plants. Police say Mitchell told them he had taken a Valium and had drunk a pint of alcohol.

Florida Couple Left Name In Gallery Guestbook Before Robbery: Police

In Palm Beach Florida, a couple left the name and telephone number of the woman in a gallery guestbook before stealing $6,000 worth of jewelry. Police say they took a bracelet and ring that were later found in the woman’s purse. They were both found shortly after and at a nearby grocery and arrested and charged with grand theft.

Car Thief in Perth, Australia, Tries to Evade Police by Driving Into Ocean

On Wednesday in Australia a police car chase looked to be ending when the driver of a stolen car was on the beach with no where else to drive. He still did not want to give up so he drove his car into the raging ocean. Police followed him on foot to help ensure that his life was not in danger with the strong waves pulling him, and he finally willingly came to shore with the police.

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