Recently, I was fortunate enough to help a killer candidate find a new and unexpected job at a company they became especially passionate about once it was on their radar. A couple weeks prior, we had talked about what they would be looking for in a hiring package to potentially embark on this new adventure.

We didn’t talk about what the candidate would have to give up or what they were currently making. We didn’t need to talk about how much salary, equity or bonus they would be willing to surrender in exchange for a role at this company they now came to love.

Instead, we simply discussed salary and expectations. The salary was a healthy one for the skills and experience that this creative had. It was one I was happy to put forward. It was also one the company welcomely accepted, understanding this is what someone with these artistic and strategic assets costs.

This creative just so happened to be female. As well as Asian-American.

As Recruiters, we have access to the power of numbers, to the intricacies of negotiation. And while talk will continue across social, political and business channels about how to close the wage gap, it seems crazy that we are forgetting one thing: We as Recruiters have the capabilities needed to fix this. Over 60% of us are female and according to this same study by LinkedIn, we come with 10+ years of experience (on average) too. This isn’t our first rodeo, so let’s stop acting like it.

Let’s instead rise to the challenge and solve this once and for all. And if you work at a company who isn’t on board with offering the same hiring package to people with similar skills but different genetic makeup, consider finding a new adventure. But this time, for yourself.

Posted by WNW HQ on August 26, 2016 in OPINION tagged with Recruiting, Ashley Nowicki, Advertising, Career, Equal Pay, Wage Gap.

Originally published at freerange.workingnotworking.com on August 26, 2016.