[Day 25]

Last night I had a forty-five-minute phone call with a peer. He did a debate with me about what I wrote in my essay. He gave me some tough questions such as Why you do this, but not that? What will you do next? What is your core message of your essay? Finally, he suggested me to re-build the structure to be more oriented towards the core message. That means I need a strategic mind to think carefully at many directions as possible before writing.

The second lesson is that I need more practices. He told me that to have a so-so essay, he wrote at least 20 drafts and sent all of them to nearly 5 people to ask them for feedbacks. I just wrote one but it is not okay, especially its structure.

At the end, I include a link of How to be a strategy person from Harvard Business Review Magazine. Hope you dear find something useful :)!

The first thing is Hard-Work. [Source: pinterest]
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