Errors In Thinking Essay

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Society’s Errors In Thinking

Mistakes are made everyday by everyone, and are okay if they are learned from. However, it seems that the population is making the same errors over and over again. People have not yet discovered these errors are causing huge issues. Take global warming; nothing is being done about it because some do think it is true. Serious harm could be done to humans and the earth if we fail to think critically(ID). Three prominent errors in thinking arise in the daily lives of humans.

The first error in thinking that troubles many is false correlation. One example of this is how people think vaccines cause autism. People believe this because right after a child is vaccinated they may show signs of autism. However, autism symptoms present themselves around the same age as the vaccinations are required. Therefore, no real evidence proves vaccines cause autism, even though many believe otherwise. Another example of false correlation is how people claim to get cancer from GMO’s. Most humans consume GMO’s their whole lives. Because not everyone has cancer, it would be illogical to say GMO’s are causing the cancer. Cancer can also be genetic or can be caused by a number of environmental factors. The best example of false correlation is how people are acting weird or sick after playing Ouija Board and claiming they have been possessed. Although the timing is not ideal, being sick is coincidental as people can fall ill at any time.(D,I). Also, mood swings are not uncommon. Being sick and having mood swings does not mean someone possessed. All in all, false correlation has significant impacts on how we think and can lead to many misconceptions.

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Another error in thinking that causes danger to society is the argument from ignorance. The first example is how people are convinced the Mackenzie House is haunted. When visitors hear noises that are deemed unexplainable, they automatically assume it is a ghost. But, the house is old and “creaking” noises can be due to the wind. Visitors also suggest they hear sounds of a typewriter, but they were not invented when the husband passed away(I,ccI). Additionally, many who proclaim they saw bigfoot show signs of the argument from ignorance. When people see a shadow or tall, (towering)large figure, they will assume it is Bigfoot even if they have no further evidence. They do not take into account other possibilities: bears or other large animals, another human, or even a basic shadow. The last example of the argument from ignorance is how humans are skeptical about whether the Apollo 11 moon landing was real. While there is plenty of proof confirming the mission is real, skeptics see tiny details that they can not explain and conclude the mission was faked. Despite the contrary, the photos containing no stars, the different shadows, and the carved “letters” in rocks can be fully explained through science. With all things considered, the argument from ignorance is a major factor in determining whether something is genuine or not.

The final indisputable error in thinking that causes harm in human beings is seeking to confirm what we believe to be true. A typical example of seeking to confirm is made by 9/11 disbelievers. Doubters are convinced George Bush orchestrated 9/11, but are looking for a person to blame for the whole attack to make sense. The skeptics also say the towers could not have fallen they way they did because the structure was made of steel. Nevertheless, steel can be melted, and the disbelievers are seeking to find closure on the situation and not looking at all the facts. In comparison, Tarot Card adherents show how they seek to confirm. When one of the believers are shown a card, they think the card can predict their fate. Despite how (legitimate)real they may seem, the cards are very general and can apply to all. Believers in the Tarot Cards are seeking to confirm their beliefs not only in the cards but also psychic thinking. In any event, seeking to confirm what we believe to be true can guide us towards false notions.

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The number of humans that are unable to think critically is (astounding)crazy. The ability of thinking in such depth is what makes a human. So, doing it wrong would seem highly unlikely. All that is necessary to change how we think is more time to contemplate about actions done, and words said. Additionally, social media can change opinions to a large degree, but people should never let that change how they critically think. To sum up, three significant errors in thinking affect our society. Not only can it impact humans, but also the earth’s well-being. If the world continues the trend of not thinking critically, there will be severe, ongoing problems with possibly harmful consequences.

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