Tips from Colorado State’s Kickass Social Media Team

Kimberly, Ashley, Jen, and Chase of CSU’s social media team met with an online communications class to share their best advice about rocking social media

With the number one collegiate Instagram account in the country and the second best Facebook engagement rate of any university, the CSU Social Media team knows a thing or two about engaging their electronic audience.

Here are the top six takeaways from their discussion:

  1. Audience varies by social media network. Make sure to tailor content according to whatever audience is using that network. According to the team, Facebook attracts an older demographic like alumni, while Instagram and Snapchat appeal to a younger demographic like students. The team uses less formal language and more emojis in the Instagram and Snapchat content, while Facebook posts are more formal and less tongue-in-cheek.
  2. Use data from the various networks to figure out your audience. Check analytics for information on audience profile, engagement, and times of usage.
  3. Don’t adopt new social media networks right away. Be early, but only adopt a new network once you’re sure that’s where your audience is. The social media team started using Snapchat once they realized that 70 percent of college students were active users.
  4. Be purposeful in your posts. Why are you posting? The Social Media Team’s job is to build the CSU community through comments, likes and posts. They also want to appeal to a wide audience of current students, alumni, and friends of both. With every piece of content they produce, they keep in mind the mission of their team, and identify which audience they’re appealing to.
  5. Become a double or triple threat. If you want to get into social media, says Jen, you need to be good at more than one form of media, whether it’s writing, design, photography or video. Every member of the team is skilled in multiple creative disciplines.
  6. Interact with fans and the community. Whether people absolutely love what you post or insult your every word, make sure to respond to people in the community. Often if someone is angry, they just want their opinion to be heard. Posting a simple and prompt reply can go a long way.