Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines
Scott Santens

An interesting article, especially as I began working with computers in the late 1960s as an engineer with IBM. Not that long ago really, but oh the changes!!

While work for humans fulfills a basic human need for income, it also fills a need for the building of self esteem and self actualization (as Maslow put it) which is far more important in many ways than mere income. Those in challenging occupations tend to be happier and more enthusiastic both in their work and in their lives than those doing mundane repetitive tasks or those working as part of a production line in which the end point is never seen. Therefore, as well as providing for basic human physical needs, future strategies for the use of AI needs to also deal to the provision for the psychological needs of humans. Or will AI machines be able to ascertain these psychological needs and provide meaningful activities which will provide the same ‘feel good’ feelings that, for example, seeing a completed well-built structure provides a builder now?

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