The Marketing Code — The Conference for SaaS + Tech Marketers, March 8-9 in SF

TLDR: The Marketing Code is a new conference happening March 8-9, 2016 in San Francisco. Speakers from Google, Kissmetrics, Twitter, Hubspot, Intercom & more will talk all things SaaS and technology marketing.

If you’re a marketing professional, technical founder, or a technologist at a startup or a bigger software company concerned with marketing, this is the place to learn cutting-edge techniques and best practices to win over a complex technology market. Join us!

Some Back Story

In the early days of marketing Sauce Labs in 2010, I felt like we were on an island. We were building a software testing service in the cloud that targeted savvy developers. We were working our way into large enterprises to find our internal champion — at a time when getting the company credit card to pilot a SaaS product took months of approval. We were hosting, attending or sponsoring meetups, conferences and hackathons to connect with developers and show them that software testing could be hip.

Of course we weren’t alone. Companies like New Relic, Twilio, Github were popular, notable, and growing like crazy, but not yet the established power houses they are today. Marketing to developers was happening, but it wasn’t a thing. Everyone was talking about SaaS and replacing your sales team by making people sign up for your product with the click of a button — but figuring out how to do this effectively was a different story.

Fast forward to today.

The line between marketing, selling and productizing your SaaS business is so blurred that everyone within the organization is now thinking about the brand, the user experience, and who is saying what on Twitter about your company.

Marketers (plus technical founders who handle marketing) have to wear lots of hats to keep up with the changing trends, tools and deliverables in our digital age — whether it’s content, A/B testing, landing page optimizations, emails, you name it.

All this to say — you gotta have your sh*t together if you’re a marketer.

And The Marketing Code is born.

A couple months ago, two marketing consultants I know from Tel Aviv, Gilad David Maayan and Assaf Trafikant, approached me about partnering to put on a conference devoted to this very thing — all things tech & SaaS marketing.

And now it’s happening. On March 8–9, we’re bringing together some of the smartest minds in tech / b2b marketing to talk about…

  • Google Analytics for Behavioral Marketing (Dan Stone, Google)
  • Singularity Marketing — Marketing to Software-Based Humans (Laura Lippay, Netflix)
  • Business Blogging Lessons from the Trenches (Corey Eridon, Hubspot)
  • How to Fix Your Marketing Stack (Maura Ginty, Kissmetrics)
  • Growing Your Revenue 4x (Matt Hodges, Intercom)

…and a TON more great talks on everything from pricing page optimizations to community marketing to marketing as a work of art.

Plus we’ll have two awesome panel discussions on:

  • Speak Up! Tech Journalism Panel: This will feature a mix of leading journalists and PR experts on how to cut through the noise and get your company news or products covered
  • Unplugged — Technology Buyers Panel: Sponsored and hosted by Spiceworks, this panel will feature a mix of developers and IT buyers sharing what they love and hate when it comes to tech marketing.

All of the talks are a great mix of smart, data-driven content tailored for a smart, data-driven audience of marketers. Match made in heaven, right?

Grab your tickets and join us

Tickets are on sale now via our website. For teams of 3 or more, we’re offering 20% off. And follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay in the loop. We hope to see you there!

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