After four years of running our year-long fellowship, we made the decision this year to hit pause on the program. This is the first in a series of writings reflecting on what we’ve learned and how we hope to cycle that learning back into our programming going forward.


This summer, I shared a call with one of Ei’s Fellowship alum, Toph Carter. He was at a point of transition, having decided to leave the job he’d been at for two years.

“I’m so nervous I’m sweating. I want to leave. I don’t think I can do this.”

I stood next to Geralyn to offer support. The presentations were just about to start. She was sweating. Profusely.

“I’m serious. I don’t think I can do this.”

She was serious, but she was also looking for encouragement, for reassurance that it would be OK. She was at the edge of what felt like a cliff and wanted to take a leap, but she just wasn’t sure she could reach the other side. She was afraid of the fall.

For the past year now…

We’ve been offering a 60-day…

Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom

The son of an architect and teacher, Aaron designs & facilitates experiential learning. Currently he’s the Director of Programs at Experience Institute.

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