Helped by the Angel Fund

“I think he was hit by a car. Please come quick,” pleaded the caller to the 911 operator. An OKC Animal Welfare Officer was dispatched to the North West part of OKC. There was a crowd when the officer arrived, all worried about the tan, mix-breed, who had been running loose in the neighborhood for weeks. He was in pretty bad shape and needed to see a veterinarian right away. The officer’s truck became an ambulance and he was rushed to the shelter to be seen by the emergency medical team. His leg was mangled and he needed medicine to take away his pain. Even though he cried every time you touched him, Skippy, the name the staff gave him, licked the tech’s hand as to say “I know you are here to help.” “Let’s Angel Fund him,” said the Veterinarian and at that moment everyone knew that all would be OK.

The Angel Fund is a program that uses private donations to help animals with medical needs at the shelter. Animals that need special surgery, medications, diagnostic tests, and foster care, receive needed services due to the generosity of individuals in the community. Hundreds of animal’s lives have been saved thanks to the Angel Fund since its inception.

The Angel Fund provided Skippy the surgery to have his leg amputated. He spent a few days recovering at the veterinarian’s office and then went to one of our foster homes to recover and heal. Skippy is in high spirits and is recovering quickly. His foster mom says “ Having only three legs is no big deal for Skippy! This wonderful German shepherd and corgi mix is a super sweet dog who, in his foster home, plays well with the other three big dogs. Skippy and the youngest dog wrestle and play and have a great time. Skippy likes to take walks around the park. He loves tummy rubs, knows how to use a dog door, and likes to eat.” Once fully healed he will be available for adoption. Please watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on this precious boy.

You can support animals like Skippy by giving a donation to the OKC Animal Welfare Angel Fund or becoming a foster volunteer . Special thanks to the concerned citizens who called our office to come help Skippy. If you see an animal in need, call 405–297–2255 to report it.

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