Message from our Superintendent Julie Bank

Six months ago I accepted the position as the Superintendent of Animal Welfare for the City of Oklahoma City. I immediately infused myself into the inner workings of our animal welfare program.
I learned all about our sheltering program which cares for over 25,000 animals a year and adopts thousands of animals into loving homes. I learned about our field services which enforces the law, does animal rescues, cruelty investigations and educates the public on being a responsible pet owner. I also learned about the pro-active programs that we offer like free spaying and neutering of pets for OKC residents and free pet food to help those in need. But most importantly, I learned about the amazing, caring, and energetic people who work together to make a difference in the lives of animals in OKC. The City staff, volunteers, adoption transfer partner groups, people who save lives through adopting a pet from OKC Animal Welfare, and the community who supports our program with donations, really show what it means to be an Okie.

As I look towards the next six months, I’m excited about all of the growth possibilities that we have ahead of us as we strive to make OKC the most livable place for animals in the country. Thanks for taking the time to sign up for and read this inaugural newsletter. I encourage you to get involved with our organization and consider adopting, volunteering or donating. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at

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