BUZZ Official 2017 & 2018 Roadmap

In order to create clarity to our investors in BUZZ, we are releasing an official roadmap for the remainder of 2017, as well as the entire year of 2018. We hope you enjoy!

Directly below you can find a beautiful graphical representation of the remaining Q4 of 2017, as well as all quarters of 2018 planned out in terms of major releases and milestones. Below this graphical representation of the official roadmap, there is more information about what is to come with each milestone. Let’s make BUZZ great again!

Q4 2017

Official BUZZ Pool

Enjoy the benefit of frequent COMPOUNDING. Regardless of your network weight in BUZZ, with the BUZZ Pool you can EARN DAILY STAKING REWARDS! Boasting impregnable SECURITY and FULL AUTOMATION, staking has never been easier. Future updates will provide additional supported coins and pool partnerships.

Currently we are in the last phases of development. We plan on doing internal testing before the end of November, begin beta testing early December and have things released before the holidays!

Referral Program

Want to help BUZZ spread throughout the world and educate the people about the WONDERS OF BLOCKCHAIN? With our referral system, you can EARN BUZZ while doing so! The Referral System focuses on creating a LEARNING PLATFORM; one which allows INVESTOR CONFIDENCE through education on not only BUZZ, but Blockchain, Proof of Stake and the future to come.

The referral program is officially created, we are working now on creating the first version of the learning platform.

Coin Minting Stability Implementation

Introduction of multiple SUSTAINABLE ALGORITHMIC MECHANISMS to SOLVE problems associated with rising inflation in high PoS cryptocurrencies, in order to maintain long term APPEAL TO INVESTORS. With these changes, we are CONFIDENT that market interest will RISE, and market cap will continue to GROW alongside BUZZ’s value.

Our current approach to solving the issue includes two main components. First, we will be scaled reduction to the PoS Yearly Reward over time according to the main supply. Secondly, we will implement a scaled increase to the maturation time according to the current supply.

In addition to both of these changes, we want to add an element of joy and surprise to the BUZZ rewards! Therefore, there will be an scaling increase of randomised rewards at the original 1200% PoS Yearly Reward as we near max coin supply.

Whitepaper Release

BUZZ is and always will be open an open source project, and thus THE FUTURE OF BUZZ will be laid out within our technical Whitepaper before the New Year. Get ready, this is where the FUN BEGINS!

Lots of hints of what will be described in the whitepaper can be seen in the 2018 roadmap plan below.

Q1 2018

Foundational Website and Marketing Campaign Upgrades

After the New Year, we will begin an overhaul the current website and expand our social media presence. Securing a MASSIVE FOOTHOLD in the cryptocurrency community, we will use the Referral Program to bring in FRESH INVESTMENT from those who are new to Blockchain, as well as veteran investors.

Exchange Drive

Coinciding with a MASSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN, we will focus on spreading to key exchanges throughout the world, including BITTREX, BINANCE and more! With massive GROWTH across multiple markets, BUZZ will contend against popular blockchain implementations and be known WORLDWIDE.

Help contribute to the Exchange Drive by donating today!

Mobile Referral Program, Staking Pool and Wallet

With the mobile Referral Program, Staking Pool and Wallet, you will have the ability to QUICKLY AND EASILY manage your BUZZ on your mobile device. LET YOUR PHONE DO THE STAKING. In the future, expect growth of the product into an EXCHANGE for BUZZ enthusiasts.

Q2 2018

Masternode Clean Energy Commitment Network

Using MASTERNODE Technology, we will REWARD USERS who are conscious of their electrical energy consumption by rewarding them with BUZZ on a monthly basis by using our BUZZ IoT Electrical Metering Devices. Devices will be manufactured in PARTNERSHIP with an EXCLUSIVE DEALER!

BUZZ Gamification Project

Having fun is important! BUZZ plans to be the FIRST GAMIFIED IMPLEMENTATION of Blockchain on the market, tying together present and future project ideas into a fun gaming platform to BET, EARN and SPEND BUZZ tokens.

Q3 2018

Masternode Bee Hive Support Network

Without the hard work of honey bees BUZZing all day, pollinating many of Earth’s plant species, our planet and species would be in GRAVE DANGER. We want to help support organic bee farmers worldwide with a MASTERNODE network, using IoT Device Hive Minds that can be bought as an addon for existing Hives, or purchased in a SMART HIVE package.

BUZZ Web and Mobile Shop

With a wide variety of projects and a vast BUZZ community, we want to further SUPPORT BRANDS that ALIGN with our CORE VALUES. You will be able to use BUZZ to PURCHASE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and TRUSTED GOODS from a variety of sources!

Q4 2018

BUZZ Core Upgrade

Over time as Blockchain technology evolves, BUZZ must EVOLVE with it. We plan on implementing many of the most exciting discoveries in Blockchain such as the LIGHTNING NETWORK, HASHGRAPH and more. This core upgrade is to be revisited throughout the 2018 year so we can continue to ADAPT and PUSH INNOVATIVE STANDARDS for Blockchain Tech.

Alongside these changes , there will always be ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the BUZZ core wallet at the communities wish! As we get nearer to each release, we will keep you updated through our Medium blog, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Telegram communities. We look forward to seeing you stick around!

Please remember that BUZZ is an Open Source Project, where we require donations to continue funding effort within the community! Also, help us get enough funding for our exchange fund!