Official Mac OS X Wallet Release!

After some hard work developing and testing the Mac OS X wallet release, it is finally here. It comes with all the features you might be familiar with in the Windows wallet, plus that slick OS X feel ;) Enjoy!

After opening up our BUZZ source code to the community, a great developer by the username of konez2k at our Discord stepped forward to help build the OS X wallet and implement code that will help notify the user via the Mac Notification Center of wallet activity.

The OS X wallet works and functions just like the Windows wallet with the ability to transfer funds lightning fast, ability to keep the wallet staking and perform coin control.

Download the Wallet

The wallet is officially available at our website, Please visit the website and simply download it there! Setting it up is as simple with any other Mac OS X application, by clicking and dragging the wallet to your applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please open your BUZZ wallet and let it sit for a minute or two without interacting. This is VITAL, as OSX and the Wallet Software need some time to properly organize the folder structures. Enjoy a coffee break :) After this, you can proceed with fully shutting down the Wallet Software and installing the bootstrap, highlighted below.

Setting up the Bootstrap

The sync time with the OS X wallet can be avoided by downloading the Bootstrap from the website at the link provided above. Downloading this file all at once will allow you to synchronize the last year(s) worth of blockchain data much faster than through the default wallet interface.

To install the Bootstrap on Mac, it is quite similar to how it functions on Windows.

1st, open the Finder Application, hit the Go menu item and click the option “Go To Folder”.

Here, you will enter in ~/Library/Application Support/BuzzCoin.

2nd, copy and paste all of the content from the Bootstrap file into the folder that opens. DO NOT TOUCH THE WALLET.DAT file.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you should have nearly instant synchronization of the BUZZ OS X wallet!

Opening the Wallet

Click on the icon from your applications folder. If you have security enabled, the, you might need to go to System Settings > Security & Privacy > General to ensure that the BUZZ Wallet may be launched.

Make sure that you set up encryption and leave it open for staking and all should be well!

Enjoy the beautiful interface and staking rewards from BUZZ!

Join the BUZZ Community Discord!

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please please please come join us over at the BUZZ Community Discord at

We are also on Twitter at, and our Facebook page can be found at!

Look forward to having you as part of the community!