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Have you ever done something that at first, seemed to be impossible to do? The human mind is funnily designed to be defensive and to place the entire body that it controls in a comfort zone and that’s why one falls asleep while exhausted, for instance. The brain thus makes a person feel very reluctant to adapt to uncomfortable situations and at times. Depending on the mindset of a person, adaptability and reacting to change can be different and can take different time frames. Adaptability of a person thus depends on the mindset of the individual.

The past four weeks…

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Do you think you can develop a deep concern for a total stranger and just from nowhere you start a close collaborative interaction with him or her? Teamwork is one of the key foundations to a top-notch success of an individual or any kind of a project. In order to develop a perfect team, each individual in the team must know how to relate to the other people in the team. An open attitude is thus required for each individual towards each other in order to bring up the proper relation required for a collaborative team.

The previous days in…

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Ever thought of doing something that seems very impossible to do? Well, that is how it feels for someone totally green in the general field of technology to try and learn how to operate a Linux operating system, leave alone programming and solving problems via coding.

My passion for technology, specifically learning to programme despite my original field developed when I watched a television programme called Startup where the main antagonist of the story was very good in programming that he quit his job and started a simple startup company which in turn changed the lives of many individuals in…

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Software versioning is the process of labeling different releases or improvement of a particular application for both internal use by the developers and release designation to the users. Versioning is very crucial as it allows application developers to track changes and know when improvements to the application have been made during the process of development.

A good application structure should enable the developers to easily differentiate and separate various versions of the application during the development cycle.

Now that you know what versioning is(V1, V2…) lets jump straight to the process of developing a perfect and most recommended structure for…

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A project management tool, defined in the simplest way possible, is a tool that helps a particular team ie a software development team to plan what to do, where, how, by who and at what time. It is a guide that ensures tasks are completed on time depending on their level of complexity.

Pivotal Tracker is one of the best management tools used by not only software developers but also other organizations in managing and assigning tasks and duties in case of a particular project. Stories, a future of this management tool makes it very easy for both team members…

The bitter roots to berries

When the two Jews; one a sinner and one an alleged Christian, went to pray in the temple, there was this who was confidently bragging of how he is the best and righteous then there was the humble sinner who accepted that he is indeed a sinner and he was willing to confess his sins and turn his ways. …

Have you ever felt someone’s pain? Have you ever imagined reaching so close, yet, so far from your goals and dreams? This is my situation today. Am putting myself into the shoes of all my brothers who we were with, in boot camp week one and yet today, we have received opposing mails with different contexts. One, an invitation mail and another one, a mail to refer you back to another cohort.

At around 12 noon, I heard a mail notification and I was hesitant to check it out. I was nervous, demn it! In my head, I gambled, a…

New environment, new friends.

It is on a Monday, first day of the long-awaited boot camp. Teams have been made and its time to meet the new team members. During the workshop, I had made a couple of friends and the number kept on shooting day by day since I had to consult as many people as possible in order to grasp some new concepts that I did not grasp from the home learning units. On this day, we got mixed up and all the friends I had made landed on different teams, I had to start again.

In the…

A new mail! It was time to go for the interview. when all this started, I honestly never knew that I could get to this level. It was clear that the higher I progressed, the tougher the challenges got. Even though cracking this nut got harder, what kept me going was the fact that this opportunity required no experience in programming but the willingness of someone to expand his or her eagerness to learn and capture new skills, one of my life goals; always try to learn new things. The interview date was fast approaching and all I had learned…


Programmer in the making. Very social. Go getter

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