From Collection: WORST OF DARKEST DAYS, “Irrelevant”

By Melissa Kelly

Photo by from Pexels

It’s a loss felt again
Who, doesn’t really matter
For a child’s old pain
That love never gained
In the head, if he
The he, that was irrelevant
Loved me and stayed
The void would fill
If I could just hold on until
I felt worthy inside
Just a toy, just a game
The he, matters not the name
The need it grows
Sucking like a vacuum
From those around
He, that was irrelevant
Just another symptom
Of a little girl left
wondering why
Because fathers never
Never say goodbye

Melissa Kelly is a poet and short story writer from Long Island, NY. You can see some of her work in WestWard Quarterly Magazine, Plum Tree Tavern, Soft Cartel, Amethyst Review and Anti-Heroin Chic.