The Rise of the transformed shopping aggregator

In recent years, e-commerce merchants have experienced a considerable increase in traffic and flourishing sales as a result of listing their products on comparison shopping engines.

Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) allow online retailers to directly compete with similar merchants on a single results pages.

These engines do this by amassing high quality product information from vendors, usually through a merchant uploaded data feed, in order to produce comparison listings of the most relevant and competitive products for potential customers searching on their websites. According to Consumer Futures, there is tremendous potential for rapid growth in traffic and sales when merchants list their products on CSEs.

Clients who advertised on some of these other CSEs this year (Q1-Q3) saw, on average, an additional 37% increase in conversions and 46% increase in revenue from what could have been achieved by Google Shopping earnings alone. These numbers are only expected to rise in Q4 begins.

The additional growth in traffic and revenue experienced by merchants on CSEs has also continued to grow year over year. A major reason for this is because a lot of savvy CSEs have integrated their service with some of the most powerful e-commerce venues.

When it comes to promotion on price comparison websites, a.k.a. price comparison script, there’s a strong shift to be confined on Google and Amazon based Ads. Those are the 2 undisputed leaders that get the most attention and they are really good at it. But there’s huge potential, still untapped with what other online comparison portals can do for your business.

In order to tap into the maximum potential of CSEs, AWK Solutions is in the process of releasing a new dimensional online comparison script, where the website, hybrid & intelligent comparison algorithm will provide the best suggestion to the user, based on the inputs that the user provides to the website. It is not just about price or features, but also the present and probable futurist factors (both external & internal), that will have an impact on the user’s buying and requirement behavior. Based on quite a few complicated factors, users will be provided, with the best available options, against the requirement, for which the user wants a comparison, or advice, to be precise.

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