In 2016, our team partnered with WeTransfer to help define and build its new mobile product. The cloud-based transfer service asked us to take on the role of strategic design & development partner and join them on a journey to discover the next step for WeTransfer on mobile.

As a proper introduction, we organized a design sprint to map out the project and ensure a better understanding of the relationship between the two companies. For the coming days, our mission became to break through traditional silos by creating an application that allows its users to collect content from anywhere to…

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Kevin chats with us about his design education, starting Awkward, and partnering with Sketch and WeTransfer.

Kevin Kalle, Co-Founder of Awkward

Founded in 2011 by Kevin Kalle, David van Leeuwen, Jonno Riekwel, and Dennis Blok, Awkward is a Rotterdam based digital design studio. Focused on building digital products, Awkward has built lasting partnerships with the design software pioneer Sketch and the file sharing service WeTransfer. Designed Space chatted with Kevin Kalle about his design education, starting Awkward and partnering with Sketch. This interview was conducted via email in July 2018.

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time for change. Despite the fact that we were very proud of our website, we also found that it no longer expressed the right story. Today, we’re very proud to announce the launch of the fully redesigned Awkward website.

We set out to create a clear and open space were we focused on primary content and smarter information flow. With its frontpage, the website shows its simplicity and style, where only core information and projects are presented. Our visual trademark is unveiled behind playful hover states.

Images are a returning element and maintain their…

Creating products is a challenging but rewarding experience. It is an experience that we can hardly imagine without our team; an assembly of carefully selected people. Talented professionals that share a passion for product creation, who help us reach better end results. They form our workplace.

Awkward has devoted years to create a thoughtful culture in a positive, relaxed and honest workplace. This culture originated from our company values and input from the team. We constantly try to improve the workplace to create a pleasant and healthy working environment for everyone.

We want Awkward to be an environment where people…

To quickly form a product team to pursue a roadmap can be difficult for any company. Awkward can provide support in the form of an integrated team. A full product team available when needed for an indefinite period, with the advantage of only using the disciplines you require. An integrated team helps you keep the focus where it belongs: your product.

There are some specific and subtle differences between “normal” client work and working as an integrated team.


A project that can benefit from an integrated team is usually bigger in size. It is possible the project will need continuous…

We’ve been working on Beam for many years and almost everyday, we learned something new from creating our own iOS Reddit client. In addition, we learned to know it as a product and what we needed it to be. But the last four years have shown us that Beam can be so much more. More than just one of the several Reddit clients on the App Store. That’s why we decided to open source Beam for Reddit.

As we mentioned before, open source software caught our attention this year. It was the first time that we publicly released open source…

We previously made a panel with a Web page inside. We’ll now work on adding logic to it by making this WebView communicate with Sketch and vice versa. To illustrate passing information from the WebView to Sketch, we’ll trigger Sketch tools when clicking on buttons in the Web page. To illustrate the other way around, we’ll show the selected layer’s CSS style in the Web page.

This is the second part of the article, if you haven’t read the first part already, I recommend you to do so but if you really want to start here, here’s the code of…

We recently open-sourced Alembic, a Sketch plugin that extracts colors from images. When I started working on it, I knew that using a basic dialog window wasn’t going to work with the interface I had in mind for it. So, I experimented with other ways to create a custom interface for Sketch plugins and decided to use a floating panel with a WebView inside to create the actual interface.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of documentation around how to advancedly use Cocoa for Sketch plugins. In this article, we’ll look into how to create a sample plugin with a floating…

Makers Club is a worldwide initiative to bring people who enjoy making things together. Once founded in San Francisco by Ben Barry, but the meetup quickly spread over the globe. There are currently 11 Makers Clubs, including chapters in New York, Singapore and Stockholm, that aim to unite creative minds.

But this story begins in Amsterdam, where we were attending a pre-party for The Next Web Conference. We met with Daniël van der Winden, an industry friend and host of Makers Club Amsterdam. During the conversation he asked if Awkward wanted to co-host Makers Club and bring it to Rotterdam…

A little while back, we opened the conversation on open source software. We already had some small running projects, but no big stuff. We tried to create more focus by dedicating some hours in our sprints to work on open source projects. Progress is still being made on multiple projects, but here is a little show and tell of the work we did in the last couple of months.

We’re currently working towards open sourcing our iOS reddit client called Beam (more on that later). But before we take on such a big project, we wanted to open source some…


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