"Heartbreaks are the worst, I may have never experienced it the way you might have still I can empathize. I saw you holding hands with your person,and now you no longer talk. Once you were inseparable, now it’s all you, standing all alone. It’s going to be fine, it’s going to be alright, trust me. I don’t genuinely feel that someone can mean that much to you that it stops your life, maybe because I never had that significant other in my life but I’ve seen loss of someone can shatter you down. I see how heartbreak has done the same for you, how you relate to every sad quote you see online. It’s okay, it will be fine. You dont have to go all social media crybaby over it,it won’t make things easier believe me, all you need is some time to heal. It’s okay to talk about it, but it’s not okay to let it define who you are. You’re a beautiful creature. You can do wonders, don’t let someone else stop you from achieving your goals, that to be someone who doesn’t even exist in your life anymore. Its okay to feel things, it’s okay to feel bad. Take your time. Time is the only thing that will help you to get past this feeling. One day you’ll be glad you went through this, you’ll know you are alot stronger than you used to be."
A healthy note for all my friends.