When we laid next to each other,
Watching all those starry nights
Holding hands, my head over his shoulders.
We’d talk about the stars, even the darkness how it prevailed our life. 
It’s funny how he’d love the way I described the sky. 
He’d tell me to watch the brightest star and imagine I was that one in his life. 
We’d reminisce, we’d recall those old times.
Even when we were on a call, it always seemed as if he was breathing next to me.
I could hear him breathe, I would love to hear him breathe. 
We had no one but us.
I still remember even when he stayed over, he’d look at me and smile.
For minutes we’d smile until one gave up, usually I’d blush and 
He’d run his hand over my face
Touching my eyes, feeling my lips.
And say" you’re the prettiest of all"
I still remember all those times.
Tragedies come but I never imagined
One would take him away from me.
I still remember his number by heart,
But there is no one answering on the other side. 
The ring goes on and no would answer.
I still look at those last messages he sent me
"Are you okay?, Call me immediately"
I still had that, 
I reply to it everyday
" I’m fine, and I tried" Hoping I’d get a reply someday