Stage fright

As I was walking up the stairs,
My head started to feel a lil dizzy.
Inner voices kept on screaming,
"Are you stupid? What are you doing?"
Yet I kept on walking telling myself to just calm down
I repeatedly said "It’s not such a big deal, stop being so scared for nothing"
Still I couldn’t help but to chip off my cuticle due to anxiety
As I started walking towards the podium,
I saw those faces looking at me,
Some were clueless, some were alreasy disinterested and some followed every move of mine with their eyes
I know I was overthinking the whole scenario.
"Why’d they care about me all of a sudden?"
Then inner voices without being reluctant said "Because you’re leading those people for a better future, maybe?"
It was just an ordinary speech, something about career choices.
"What bad could happened?"
Is all I could ask myself
Then came my worst nightmare alive.
Anxiety took such a toll that the moment I opened my mouth only air passed by.
I couldn’t speak, and then those gazes.
I remember saying "uhm, thank you, goodbye"
And leaving the stage, without uttering any other single word. 
Everyone was as shunned as I was.
I was struck by my worst nightmare.
It was a stage fright of some sort