The chair we had for so long, 
It’s time for it to go she says. 
I still remember the first time my dad brought it home,
He kept it right next to the fireplace.
How mom detested him for buying such an expensive chair,
Every night he used to sit on it, and sing my sister a lullaby,
I remember Dad was reading newspaper when I first told him about the girl I wanted to marry, Anne.
It’s not easy to forget, 
How he shifted the chair in the balcony the day mom died.
He used to say " life is like those birds disappearing in the sky, it slips right off the minute you lose a sight".
How could I forget?
Maybe it’s just a piece of furniture for many
But it’s a part of my life.
The day he passed away, I kept his chair as a fond memoir. 
I couldn’t believe my wife,my Anne says it doesn’t belong in the house anymore.
Modern decor and this old piece?
It made no sense to many, including her this time. 
She wasn’t wrong, the chair could not withstand anyone. 
The wood was now hollow and a lot weak. 
It no longer belonged in the house.
She wasn’t wrong, so wasn’t I.
The croaked chair was somehow part of my life. 
I kept one wood chunk with me. and threw the rest as suggested.
Later that day when I got home from office I found two new chair of the same kind
Kept in the exact position, as I described.
Anne was sitting on one, smiling foolishly, telling me we’re having a kid.
It’s funny how these brand new chair now embarks the start our new lives.