How To Break Up With Someone In One Sentence For Any Circumstance

Image Source: tom_bullock via Flickr/Creative Commons

Breaking up with someone is hard for anyone — but we can all agree that “it’s not you, it’s me” is a pretty lame and cowardly way out. There’s a way to do it to make it less painful for both parties no matter what is behind the split and without dragging it out. Here are 16 ways to do it with minimal pain and time:

  1. The sex was bad: “We don’t have the right chemistry.”
  2. You don’t want to date, but want to preserve the friendship: “I don’t have romantic feelings for you, but I appreciate our friendship.”
  3. He/she is too depressed: “I want more positivity in my life.”
  4. He/she is too angry: “I don’t want to be your punching bag.”
  5. He/she is too jealous: “You will never trust me.”
  6. He/she is not smart enough: “I need a partner who’s more intellectually challenging.”
  7. He/she is too smart: “I need a partner who’s less intellectually challenging.”
  8. You have nothing in common: “We don’t have enough in common for this to be sustainable.”
  9. You fight a lot: “If we have to work this hard, it’s not working.”
  10. He/she doesn’t have their shit together: “I don’t want to take care of you.”
  11. He/she smothers you: “I’d rather be alone.”
  12. He/she is moving too fast: “We don’t want the same things.”
  13. He/she is self-involved: “I don’t want to talk about you anymore.”
  14. He/she is messy: “Your chaos disrupts my serenity.”
  15. He/she is too critical of you: “I want someone who appreciates me for who I am.”
  16. You want to sleep with other people: “I want to sleep with other people.”

Some of these are brutal, but they’re all saying the same thing: you don’t want to date this person anymore — and you should say exactly that. Honesty is hard, but not being truthful is harder. Being straightforward leaves no room for questions and you won’t leave this person wondering what they did wrong. No one can argue with “I don’t want to date you.” Be kind by being honest — it will save you both a lot of time and heartache.