A tale of love found at first sound.

Holding on to the rail she looked up into the sky. It was morning and the sun was gradually rising, streaking the plain blue sky with brilliant hues of red and orange. She lifted her head up and inhaled the cool and gentle breeze that was blowing and held it for a while. Exhaling, she let out a low sigh and gripped the rail even tighter as her heartbeat slowed. Kwesi, her best friend sensing her anxiety called, “Akosua…” she turned slowly and looked at him “Come over,” he said.

He stared at…

The older child’s memoir.

A beautiful melody could be heard in the town as brooms of all types and sizes swished back and forth rhythmically, wiping steps of the previous day, and thereby creating a new canvas to be stepped upon. The birds in the trees chirped while the household fowls quacked all over as if to ask the humans why they still slept at that time. Fires crackled from various households as mothers prepared their morning meals and the fathers whistled as they cleaned their guns and others, their farm tools. Amid all these activities, the sun was slowly…

Sometimes words are not and can never be enough.

“Why don’t you make her talk? Can you make her speak please? I want to hear her voice.”

Essoun glanced at Kwesi, he was looking at her too. Their eyes locked for a brief moment then they turned to look at the questioner, their six year old grandson-Nuu Kuku. Essoun went back to roasting her groundnuts, and Kwesi to his newspaper; lotto staking needed a lot of concentration. Nuu Kuku wrinkled his nose and started walking towards Kwesi. Kwesi pointed to Essoun before the boy could open his mouth to say…

The changing scenes of puberty lead Aku to a life-changing discovery.

In the land of Kukumakum, there lived a girl called Aku. Aku was a bright young girl, the last of the five children of her parents and the most reserved. Aku had a wonderful mind, and quite often, she would go on great journeys there. Her mind allowed her to be all the things she ever wished for. Over there, she got the biggest portion of roasted lamb for the Sunday lunch which she so ever wanted, did fewer chores, and slept beyond 6am. “Only if this could be…

A young farmer veers into the unknown and brings calamity upon his people.

The night was cold and dark, a deviation from the long hot and dry days of the year’s first quarter. I woke up quite early today to do my laundry, when I was halfway through, the elements began to change. A strong gust of wind blew and the leaves on the trees rattled; the thunder boomed, the lightning struck, and the clouds burst with rain. Just like that! It kept raining and raining and raining and by noon, icy cold water drizzled and drizzled and drizzled.


An ironically humoring piece about the harrowing experience of Female Genital mutilation.

“My lord….my lord, wake up,” I whispered. It was already dawn and the spell of darkness was broken and fading away. The sun was rising, bringing light to the cold dark earth, and a little warmth which we all craved for. It was mid-January, and as characteristic of this time of the year, it was cold. The North Eastern Trade winds blew in from the Sahara, making it cold and foggy in the morning, hot and sandy in the afternoon. This harmattan season was unbearable. It was no…

Awo Gyan

Award winning short story writer

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