It is a general believe that money is the major universal language in the world. But from my own perspective, love can also fit in that place. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

Love should never be underrated.

Love is the foundation on which a man is built. With that been said, even a man that was birthed from no love craves it more because he needs a feel of this drug that can’t be overdosed.

Unfortunately, a lot of people has adopted the belief that ‘love don’t exist’ because they never understand the love language of whom they are communicating their love with.

Love is more than a four letter word and everyone deserves to be loved.

The absence of this can result to depression and the presence of this can also serve as the most effective remedy.

I grew up in a broken home, my dad was never around and the very few times I saw him I was never proud of calling him a dad so me and my siblings called him by name even till this day.

I always knew since I was young that I will be a supportive father to my off springs. A lot of men out there will never understand the hurts and consequences of not being there for their kids which leads to the absence of father figures these days that is increasing drastically.

My mother on the other side was the total opposite; she took care of 5 kids without the support of a man. She was indeed very prayerful and supportive financially and emotionally. She wasn’t financially buoyant but she was able to provide for her kids and gave them a sound education. Her slight weakness was lack of communication with her kids due to her tight schedule.

I had very few friends in school; i was an introvert that was never willing to get out there to make new friends so the only people I was familiar with are my friends.

Lack of communication with my parents was my pain point which led to my over thinking. Everything never felt right, I felt the absence of love, I never had clarity with whatever I was doing, and gradually best days became worst days. Then depression came which took me a duration of 4 years to gain my mental health and balance.

I always thought love was bullshit; I never wanted to fall in love. I used to be very scared of commitment till I met a girl during my university days. She was very much interested in knowing me genuinely. We became close friends even though I invested less time and energy in the relationship. We started talking more often, and then I started seeing a different side of me I never knew. I started opening up to somebody and we will even make fun of some of our peers.

I was falling in love and she was equally doing the same. We took our time because we knew the best thing we could ever do to stay happy was to understand each other’s love language which we did. Unfortunately, she came from a bitter side and wanted to explore the difference love would bring. She chose me because she had observed I was her total equal. We fell in love and suddenly we put away our pasts. We never changed each other. Love happened and it changed us.

The best way to stay happy in love is to never force it. It is only as good as it genuinely happens.

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