AWOL Academy — What We Are and What We Do

We wanted to change the entire game… plain and simple.

AWOL Academy Core Team June 2017

Back when Kameron George and myself joined forces to launch this platform called AWOL Academy… we were set on a vision of shaking up the entire industry of digital marketing.

To completely flip it on it’s head and design something that delivered on all the promises of “lifestyle creation.”

We wanted to unleash an educational curriculum that provided top shelf marketing training, long term financial literacy insights AND a route to a life-altering personal transformation.

If it sounds like a massive undertaking… you’re absolutely right!

And at times did Kam and I look at each like maybe we’d lost our minds…

You’re absolutely right!

But we knew that this was our mission and there was nothing in this world that was going to prevent us from bringing into reality.

So we got to work fast… and we began with a next level, deep dive marketing education platform. We knew we had to start with the fundamental skill sets of actually creating a new freelance digital marketing career.

But we didn’t want to follow the trends of the industry with yet another slapped together, no logical path training suite. We understood that we not only needed to provide the deepest level of insights, methodologies and resources… but we needed to connect them in the correct sequence.

This way every student not only is able to learn the how of each skill set… but also the why and the correct alignment in application out in the real world.

A real world where the only thing that counts… is RESULTS.

This is why we begin every one of our brand new client’s journey with AWOL Academy‘s proprietary coaching process AWOL 101.

Each new student is walked through a deep dive questionnaire, business planning sessions and a 1-on-1 personal coaching call. So that before any student can even begin their journey into the actual AWOL Academy training… they are set up with a rock solid foundation.

After that, each student is able to progress all the way through the core modules within Pro Academy, Inbox Academy, Conversion Academy, and eventually into Traffic Academy.

Each one of these high level trainings building upon the previous knowledge and skills sets. This allows each student to build massive momentum… and supreme confidence… in their ever growing library of results producing education.

But teaching our students on all the particulars of marketing was only the first stage of how we wanted to help grow their success.

We knew all too well that creating an income with a new career is one thing. Understanding how to generate a legacy of wealth creation is something completely different.

And this is why we created what we call the Masters Academy. Kameron and I went out and connected with some of the top experts in the various realms of long term security for financial success.

This way our students can understand how to grow their money long after they’ve created it through providing value to the marketplace. They are able to tap into high ticket insights regarding tax strategies, investment portfolios and the intricacies of proper money management.

Believe me… Kam and I both learned early on that making money is one thing. Keeping and growing it is a whole other thing entirely!

But even with the potent combination of marketing education combined with legacy creation insights… there was one more vital piece we had to add to the AWOL Academy equation.

Personal transformation.

Because I knew from my own personal experience, that without a massive and intense shift in mindset… no training would ever have helped me change my life.

The best way I can share this with you is pretty straight forward example of what I call “turning 0’s into 1’s.”

What in the world do I mean my that?!

It goes like this. Anything times 0 = 0. Plain and simple.

And for me back when I was living out of my mom’s spare bedroom, no car, dead job and barely existing at all… my mindset was a BIG FAT ZERO!

This is why during my many years of being a “wantrepreneur” I never was able to achieve any success or forward progress. The training and resources I invested possessed a ton of value.
But my mindset… held absolutely none.

It wasn’t until I attended a high impact, transformational live event that I finally shifted gears in my own mind. Once that occurred, any new knowledge… as well as the old… I was able to apply into my life.

And seemingly overnight, I was on my way to completely redesigning my entire lifestyle. Not only in business… but health, relationships and spirituality.

That’s because I had moved myself out of a 0 mindset into a 1.

Once I got to 1… I embraced 100% of everything else that was available.

This is why we make sure to provide the exact type of personal transformation live event that I experienced through our Awaken program. This way every one of our students can attend the same 3 day live event and make their own shift from 0 to 1… and beyond!

Photo taken from the recent Awaken event at the Westin Lake Las Vegas

These live events with a complete focus on personal development and empowering our community is what sets AWOL Academy apart from every other company in the marketplace. We didn’t want another “online only” platform.

We wanted to create an environment… both online and offline… that connects our members to an ultimate vision of their potential greatness.

And we feel that AWOL Academy has been able to deliver on that promise time and time again.

If you’re ready… I’d love to fulfill that promise in your life as well.

Another way of life is waiting… if you choose it now.

Keala Kanae — Co-Founder of AWOL Academy

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