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At the beginning of May I started writing down 10 ideas a day before realizing halfway through the month that they were just ideas, not solutions. From there I started to write down 5 problems and 5 opportunities for the future.

Now I post 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily because what’s the use in keeping them to myself with no criticism?


  1. Launch Kit — a suite of tools for startup teams to use on launch day to engage with and find people who like their product.
  2. BetaBootstraps — similar to BetaList except for products already in the MVP stage looking for feedback. Curate users for the best feedback?
  3. Uber for dog walking.
  4. Visual Network — enter a Twitter handle or Email address of a friend and see who they’re connected to.
  5. New web development stacks that are more unconventional but are highly effective e.g Python script + Node/PHP + html + JS.


  1. Earth running out of resources to sustain the rate at which human population is growing.
  2. Not enough of Generation Z care about environmental and societal issues when we’re the ones that will have to clean up the mess.
  3. Trump might actually become president.
  4. Breaking into new, future markets won’t be as easy as bootstrapping a web app.
  5. Video games don’t have the same retention anymore — hop on and play then forget about it after 3 weeks.


  1. Educate students about the coming future — AR,VR, Environment, Government etc. Teach them how to get a global view instead of local.
  2. Remote internships instead of local — might be lower entry-level into startups who need help rather than established corporations.
  3. Cyber security in the future will be more lucrative and important than startups.
  4. Young Developers hackathon — instead of build something that’s just cool cool, they get given a problem so they have to develop a solution not just a product.
  5. Email will become outdated?

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