5 Ideas, 5 Problems and 5 Opportunities.

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At the beginning of May I started writing down 10 ideas a day before realizing halfway through the month that they were just ideas, not solutions. From there I started to write down 5 problems and 5 opportunities for the future.

Now I post 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily because what’s the use in keeping them to myself with no criticism?


  1. YouTube channel dedicated to learning & discussing Augmented Reality.
  2. Hide away discovery — find the best hidden cafes, book stores etc.
  3. A business card that can be updated.
  4. A program that finds people like you on Twitter (via age/interests/tweets).
  5. Unique stacks — people vote on different frameworks to be combined and then I make something with that stack.


  1. Sticking with and growing a project.
  2. Simply saying no.
  3. Being notified if you get featured on Product Hunt.
  4. Connecting with people on Twitter.
  5. Young people with the build it and they will come mentality.


  1. Building an audience around VR and/or AR development and design.
  2. Building a community based on discussing and opportunities in NewCo companies.
  3. Teaching young people how they can succeed without college.
  4. Teaching business students how to code.
  5. Cannabis or Vaping based products.

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