For a bit of background, for the last month I’ve written down 10 things every day. It started as 10 ideas a day inspired by these posts and not wanting to check my phone the second I woke up.

Then mid-way through I realized these were just cool things to develop, and didn’t really solve any problems. So, instead I switched to writing down 5 problems a day and 5 areas/investments that I think are going to be big in the future.

Now I’ve decided to write down 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily (5 by 5 by 5), on Medium. What’s the use in keeping them to myself with no criticism? So, here we go!


  1. Integration with personal banking that emails/texts you a digest of what you bought over your 2 day bender.
  2. Curated validation — a place where professionals or VCs give you worthwhile feedback on your idea before you build
  3. Vouch4me — respected/credible professionals give Teenagers a reference on the site so others know the Teen is at least somewhat credible. Link to Twitter accounts.
  4. AirBnB for pools
  5. Tinder for Yu-Gi-Oh


  1. Teenage Entrepreneurs reading Medium and thinking they know everything about business. (Disclaimer: this is not a shot at anyone over at YS ❤)
  2. Creating laser focused content
  3. Teenagers consuming more than they create
  4. Millennials are numb to traditional marketing
  5. Young devs don’t always solve problems; they just build something that’s fun and expect money.


  1. Basic security in Startups
  2. Shorting Twitter
  3. Innovating how Startups launch
  4. Innovating monetization models
  5. Hardware > software in the future.

On Twitter as @awoldes, check out my current project at makethatstartup.com

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