Austin Wilshire
Jul 5, 2016 · 1 min read

5 Ideas, 5 Problems and 5 Opportunities, every day.

Read the last 5 by 5 by 5.

At the beginning of May I started writing down 10 ideas a day before realizing halfway through the month that they were just ideas, not solutions. From there I started to write down 5 problems and 5 opportunities for the future.

Now I post 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily because what’s the use in keeping them to myself?


  1. Australian Job Board.
  2. An intelligent job board that already knows what work you do.
  3. Aggregate for popular tweets on a certain topic.
  4. Random article from a journalist or topic of your choice.
  5. Summarize article into a set of tweets.


  1. Snapchat discovery.
  2. We can’t program autonomous cars with intuition to drive on unmarked roads (inspired by Javier Torrez).
  3. Solo devs who start working in a team of devs aren’t used to all the language and tools.
  4. Knowing the right startup to intern with.
  5. Having a general knowledge of all stacks and frameworks.


  1. Medical imaging combined with Machine Learning.
  2. Remote targeted products.
  3. Disrupting hospitality businesses.
  4. POS with deeper data analytics than just totals.
  5. Office layouts for startups.

If you found some of these interesting or accurate, share or recommend it❤

I’m building 8 products in 8 weeks over my University holidays.

On Twitter as @awoldes, check out my current project on makethatstartup.com

Austin Wilshire

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Australian student, systems engineer interested in distributed computing, SRE and finance

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