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At the beginning of May I started writing down 10 ideas a day before realizing halfway through the month that they were just ideas, not solutions. From there I started to write down 5 problems and 5 opportunities for the future.

Now I post 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily because what’s the use in keeping them to myself with no criticism?


  1. Job board for startups in a certain investment round (job seekers get to choose).
  2. Remote Internship board for companies that are willing to hire remote interns.
  3. Remote team board for startups or just dev teams to find more developers.
  4. Monthly hackathon that has a leader board. Winner at the end of the year wins cash/something.
  5. Monthly wrap up of the most underrated products to launch that month.


  1. New comers to the startup world don’t know the lingo or what websites to look at, what Slack is etc.
  2. The gap between theoretical programming and actually building a product.
  3. Students only designing apps as solutions
  4. Students rushing into the wrong career because they feel pressured to get a job ASAP
  5. Startups launching with an innovative strategy


  1. Australian education being reformed.
  2. Snapchat when it becomes a platform for AR.
  3. Creating movies for VR.
  4. Connecting startups to prospective interns that can build products.
  5. Mentoring programs for students and industry professionals.

On Twitter as @awoldes, check out my current project on makethatstartup.com

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