5x5x5 Season 1 Finale

Austin Wilshire
Jul 8, 2016 · 2 min read

5 Ideas, 5 Problems and 5 Opportunities, every day.

This will be the final 5x5x5 for a few weeks. I want to start writing more meaningful articles and focus my energy elsewhere when I first wake up. 5x5x5 has created a creative habit in my morning routine, and I intend to create more value with this habit, rather than throwaway 5x5x5's.

Read the last 5 by 5 by 5.

At the beginning of May I started writing down 10 ideas a day before realizing halfway through the month that they were just ideas, not solutions. From there I started to write down 5 problems and 5 opportunities for the future.

Now I post 5 ideas, 5 problems and 5 opportunities daily because what’s the use in keeping them to myself?


  1. Machine Learning FRS for people under 18/21 — use at night clubs etc.
  2. A site that helps you learn a framework or language in the amount of days you set.
  3. Weekly “Chronicles of a Startup” as iRecruit progresses.
  4. API integration tutorials and a list of tools that help.
  5. Guns for Hire — hire a small 3 man squad for side projects at your startup.


  1. ReactJS learning curve. There’s no simple explanation for beginners of Webpack, Babel etc.
  2. CSS isn’t as simple as self-taught devs believe — there are best practices.
  3. Learning best practices for CSS as a solo dev — no one else is working on your code with you.
  4. Investors not being confident in young talent at startups.
  5. Focusing on security for users data as a startup.


  1. Security consulting for startups.
  2. Have a local board of advisers for young talent — people from Hackathons and either founders of investors in the local startup scene.
  3. Machine Learning used in sport — analyse tactics, possible plays etc.
  4. Being a drone Mechanic in future.
  5. Tesla Power Hubs — if they franchise, get one.

If you found some of these interesting or accurate, share or recommend it❤

I’m building 8 products in 8 weeks over my University holidays.

On Twitter as @awoldes, check out my current project on makethatstartup.com

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Australian student, systems engineer interested in distributed computing, SRE and finance

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