Do not try this at home

We all have a little sinner in us. If we are told not to do something, our brain starts to gnaw at the idea of doing it. If we can’t have something, our mind flicks a switch and makes us crave it more. Rebellion. Excitement. Risks. We all feel the need to do something we are not supposed to do. Fuck the authority. Fuck the police. Fuck you, and fuck you more.

Don’t you just love the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body? The tingling sensation spreading from the pit of your stomach to your fingertips? Heart beating faster and stronger. Your mind racing with ideas, thinking faster. I know I do. Everything intensifies. Everything becomes so much more exciting.

Just think about the feeling you get when you try something for the first time. A new experience, a new adventure. Leaping into the unknown. It doesn’t have to be some major event. Even the smallest gesture can change your life. The first time you ride a bike. Or see the snow falling gently on the ground. Your first tattoo. First love. First heartbreak. First time speaking to a large crowd. It all counts. As scary as new experiences can be, they are also a blessing. Seek them out, and after a while you start thinking; what next?

Do not feel inhibited by your own self-consciousness or society norms and demands. Fear of failure. The main reason why we are all so risk aversive. Fear of losing something. Fear of falling from safe ground. But then again so what? You will always fall, always lose something, and always fail at some point in your life. But failure does not mean that you have failed. Failure is just a new possibility. This is where you find a new ground to stand on.

Consequently it is fairly easy to just live as you do now. To live life as you always have known it. But what pleasure and excitement does that give you? How do you know your limits if you never try? To live in the known is to basically not live at all. We all have an instinct to develop ourselves and push our boundaries, even if it is buried deep down under a blanket of safety. But to live courageously is to leap into the unknown world. A place where you have no expectations, beliefs or past experiences to help you. A new, exciting and risky place. Where all you have is yourself to count on.

It is all about expanding your comfort zone. Do something crazy, fuck up a little. And be thankful for all the experiences you gain, because whether good or bad, they are a blessing. Feel free to live, and drop all expectations and fixed ideas which you may be carrying around. You need to be experiencing everything there is to experience in this lifetime. To live a full life is to cover all aspects and nuances that life brings, whether good or bad. If life was a spectre, you need to be on each end, and everything in between.

Crush your limits, because they are non existent. Fly away and try everything there is to try. Sin sometimes. And then sin some more. Do whatever is best for you, and maybe do something that is bad. Fuck your life up, because then you are free. Build it again. But do not try this at home. Go make the whole world a place for new experiences. Make everything your home. Because in the end, home is where you are.