Elizabeth Willett made the misleading accusation that she was “strafed” through the Anytime…
Ian Follett

I think you’re focusing down onto a particular view of fairness in an interaction. Sort of a “you disclosed some information about me, so I should feel free to disclose information about you too.” The problem is, it’s not really about these individual exchanges, it’s about the implication for every other employee and the effect that has on a whole slew of HR processes. I focused down on tech sector cause I’m citing my experience, but I can’t see how this response is at all sensible for any company — at least not any company that wants to have dialogue with its employees (something that most management/leadership schools of thought cite as a critical component to a healthy org).

The comment from Sriram in this post are particularly salient https://www.facebook.com/hoofien/posts/10152986081991792

Happy to just say we disagree though.

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