You know you’re an engineer when…

Facebook Ad Targeting started shoving “” in my face a few weeks ago. I finally clicked through.

First reaction: Oh look. It’s the currently popular top-to-bottom scroll template with the invigorating video at the top. Where’s the information?

Reaction to video: Sales pitch detected. There’s no information. You’ve lost my attention and respect.

Self-reflective moment: Right right…I forgot. Categorically dismissing someone/something because it starts with a sales pitch is just as biased as succumbing to the BS. You’ve learned to deal with this. Grit through it (smile maybe) and wait for the real content. Where’s the information?

Scroll to first panel: “Wake up on the right side of the bed.” More marketing BS detected, but I got this now…. GHA..the left padding is messed up!

Actively ignoring both. Still looking for information.

Scrolling faster: “Packed full of Advanced Sensors.” I don’t know what that even means! That just sounds cool. You’ve almost completely lost me now. Information…still looking for it.

Scrolled to screenshot of app:

Ooooh! Information! So you’re a metrics collector that charts and has a temperature, humidity, light, and sound level sensors. You also apparently make some guesses at what that data means. “Air Quality”…I wonder if that really is measuring particulate matter in the air or if it’s just some silly linear combination of temperature and humidity. Meh….

Oh hey, there’s some descriptive text in the middle. Likelihood that it is marketing BS with no information: high. Skipping.

(Note: interest in product went from negative to “hey, maybe I want this thing” on this screen)

Scroll straight to the bottom: Found the price and the return policy. $129 for an experiment…hmm…pricey. I wonder if they store the data on a server somewhere and if they do, if they’re competent at security. Meh. Might still be worth it if it’s hackable or has an API. I wonder if it has that. Going to Google search that since I’ll probably find information faster than using their website.

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