Aworker partners with CareParrot

Aworker has entered into a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with CareParrot Inc., a startup domiciled in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Aworker and CareParrot are creating a roadmap to understand how their individual cryptocurrencies (WORK and CPX) will interact within each other’s ecosystem or mutual mobile apps. We both decide how User’s from both networks can mutually benefit using and interacting from co-created dapps (decentralized desktop or mobile applications) earning tokens that can pay for services on both systems. And more!

“I’m very pleased with the chance at working with Aworker. As the heads of organizations ourselves, I can say we both deeply care about those we work with and want to see this model benefit the communities at large. Employee health is vital to a strong efficient organization. I can truly imagine the strength in seeing positions filled in the health industry without the need of a 3rd party recruiter. ” — Comments from Joseph CEO and Founder.

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