Aworker partners with Neuroseed

Aworker collaborates with the next-gen Neuroseed platform to help it find, select and evaluate candidates for open positions in the team.

Aworker is aimed to simplify the hiring process for Neuroseed by assessing the competencies of job seekers to choose the best developers, smart-contract developers, marketers, and PR specialists to be invited for interviews.

NeuroSeed is a platform that combines Big Data suppliers, ML algorithms developers, computing power suppliers, data storage suppliers, validators with domain expertise, distributors, and customers. As a result of a synergy, there is a creation of the unified ecosystem that provides incentive mechanisms for all participants in the machine learning market.

In general, the platform created a digital trust in Big Data and trained ML models by combining cryptographic and blockchain technologies. Thus NeuroSeed creates the required conditions for the creation and development of the Machine Learning market. The platform uses its own blockchain system to provide a reliable tool for creating, validating, trading and reusing datasets for training and already trained ML models.

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