Aworker partners with VRT.WORLD

Aworker collaborates with the next-gen VR platform called VRT.WORLD to help it find, select and evaluate candidates for open positions in their team. For Aworker it’s the opportunity to use data from VR Education to recommend the best-suited candidates for open positions based on their progress in that program.

Aworker is aimed to simplify the hiring process for VRT World by assessing the competencies of job candidates to choose the best blockchain developers, designers, community managers, and PR specialists to be invited for interviews and get a job.

VRT World is a decentralized platform for creation and distribution of VR content with full immersion, based on blockchain technology. With VRT World platform, content creators, media buyers, developers, storage and service providers and advertisers are equipped with a comprehensive set of tools, enabling them to generate, test and distribute content and ideas, as well as engage in all forms of collaboration.

The company is run by an experienced team with a track record of more than three years in VR sector and over 10 years of successful business in digital technologies. VRT World has its headquarters located in Moscow.