Building on Origin — Announcing Aworker partnership with Origin Protocol

Here at Aworker, we are working hard to decentralize the Human Resource industry. We are extremely happy to announce that we will be integrating with the Origin Protocol to further our mission of a more fair hiring and human resources model.

We very much enjoyed talking to the Origin founders and see that they have a long track record of success. Building on the Origin platform will help Aworker get to market faster and make user adoption easier, as all Origin partners will be able to share users across different marketplaces and verticals.

Origin is a top company operating out of San Francisco — they are backed by Pantera Capital, working with ConsenSys. Origin Protocol enables both traditional marketplaces and fractional-use or sharing economy marketplaces (like short-term rentals or ride sharing) to function in a completely distributed way using Ethereum and IPFS. We are very excited to be building on the Origin platform and collaborating with the talented Origin development team.

Origin will also make use of Aworker’s technology in their search for and hiring of new employees. Origin is impressed with Aworker’s promise of a faster, easier, and more effective recruitment process.

We’re looking forward to tackling the complex technology and product challenges in achieving our vision. Together, we will build a more fair, transparent, price-efficient, safe, and censorship-resistant HR Industry.

“Aworker is a great example of a project that is trying to create a more fair and open marketplace for Recruitment. We are very excited that Aworker has decided to build on the Origin Platform and we look forward to collaborating with Aworker and their team.”

— Josh Fraser, Cofounder, Origin Protocol.

“We believe that collaboration with Origin Protocol will help us change recruitment industry. We are glad that Aworker technology will reduce hiring costs and energy of the Origin Platform needed to recruit new employees.”

— Anton Cherkasov, Aworker

Big things are coming and we will keep you updated about our collaboration with Origin in the coming months!