Changing the dates of distribution

May 24, 2018, we decided to change Aworker tokenomics due to the updates in the expert assessment of the project for its future development. This decision is made in the interests of the community and Aworker token holders, as it will allow achieving the desired results faster.

Changes that take effect from May 24:

Total number of Aworker tokens: 4,8000,000,000 WORK tokens
Total number of tokens for supporters: 40%

All owners of Aworker tokens will receive a token recalculation following the new exchange rate. Also, the early participants will receive bonuses from the Aworker team. A detailed calculation of the new terms you can see at the end of the announcement.

Recall that the tokens will be issued once without any additional emissions.

This tokenomics will enable all Aworker tokens holders to get more benefits from their use. Also, it will help to reach goals in the development and scaling of the project in shorter terms.

Changing the dates of the distribution

Due to the evolving tokenomics and improving all components, we are forced to postpone the distribution to a later date.

What’s next?

According to the new tokenomics of the project, all Aworker tokens holders will be credited with extra tokens at the current exchange rate in their Aworker accounts. In this case, token holders will receive an additional 20% of bonuses for supporting the project.


Participants who want to do a refund can fill in this form. In this case, no additional tokens or bonuses will be listed.

We want to remind you that we are making changes in the tokenomics to achieve better results and provide more value for all participants of the Aworker platform.

You can ask all the questions to the project founders on a Live AMA session. Join the session on our Facebook page on May 24 at 13:00 UTC.

Thanks to everyone who supports Aworker for being with us.
Together we can make recruitment better.

Best regards,
Aworker CEO
Anton Cherkasov