Report Week #2

Last week there were many meetings and public appearances.

Key events of this week:

  • Participation in the Innovation Forum BAZAAR Tech Convention 2017
  • Pitch Aworker at BAZAAR Tech Convention
  • Participation in the expert session about blockchain, marketing, and PR issues within the BAZAAR Tech Convention
  • Visit Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference
  • Visit IDC Foundation startup pitches
  • Potential partnership
  • Publishing an article on TechInvest
  • Meeting with Headhunter representatives

Participation in the Innovation Forum BAZAAR Tech Convention 2017

On November 18, the BAZAAR Tech Convention 2017 took place in the VEB’s Center of Blockchain Competences, where the exhibition of blockchain start-ups was held. Aworker had a booth where we talked with the guests of the conference. More details about this can be found in this review.

In the photo: CEO Anton Cherkasov, PR Manager Serafima Aleksandrova, HR Partner Mikhail Barkov

We made many interesting new contacts and suggestions from investors. We also approached the developers and potential advisors. As a result, we received positive feedback about the project and its potential. The majority of people recognized the importance of creating a reputation platform for employees.

Within the framework of the forum, we also organized the HR panel and invited experts to speak about current issues in the industry. Therefore while experts waited for the beginning of the panel, we very productively communicated at the Aworker stand. Mikhail (HR Partner of Aworker) and Svetlana (CBO of Aworker) discussed with experts the possibilities of blockchain implementation in recruitment and personnel search problems.

In the photo: HR Partner of Aworker Mikhail Barkov, Head of HR Tom Tailor Russia Tatyana Melnikova, founder of the employment agency RABOTARESTORAN Nina Makogon, Daria Bogachkina from Theory and Practice, CBO of Aworker Svetlana Fomenkova

Pitch Aworker at BAZAAR Tech Convention

In the second part of the event, a moment of glory for startups has come. Aworker was the second in a row. After the speech, the audience voted ‘for’ or ‘against’ the project. There were about 200 people in the hall and only 70 people had voting cards. In the result: 67 voted ‘for’ and just 3 voted against.

In the photo: Anton Cherkasov pitching the Aworker

After the speech, the organizers told me that a few large investors are interested in our project. Now we have to schedule the meetings.

Participation in the expert session about blockchain, marketing, and PR issues within the BAZAAR Tech Convention

At the end of the day, I was invited to speak as an expert on the panel devoted to blockchain and marketing. We had an interesting discussion on how blockchain can help businesses reduce up to 70% of advertising budgets. This can be achieved by reducing transaction costs and transparent relationships between the traffic buyer and the traffic seller.

In the photo: Anton Cherkasov in the expert session

Visit Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On November 15–16, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference was held in Moscow. We visited one of the largest conferences held in 10 countries around the world.

At the exhibition, I met several familiar startups who are already conducting a Token sale or just preparing for it. One of them is Bazista. With the project advisor Denis Kurilchik, we discussed options for promoting the startup.

In the photo: Anton Cherkasov with Denis Kurilchik (founder of the SIMEX platform and Bazista advisor)

I also met with partners who have advised us on the implementation of the technical part of the project and overall work in the blockchain. Now we know each other personally because before that all communication took place in the messenger or by phone calls.

Photo from Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

The exhibition was very busy with new acquaintances. For instance, I got acquainted with several crypto funds that were at the event. Next week we will work out the options for cooperation.

Visit IDC Foundation startup pitches

Last Wednesday, Mikhail Barkov and I visited Coworking KL10CH, where pitches of startups were held. We were supported by our colleagues from Mark.Space, who make a very cool VR startup. We also talked with colleagues and investors behind the scenes on the subject of blockchain development and a decentralized future.

In the photo: behind the scene of IDC Foundation startup pitches

Potential partnership

On Thursday, I talked by Skype with an adviser from the United States, who helps to promote startups on the US market. At some point, the conversation turned towards partnership. I found out that he is a co-founder in one of the HR start-ups. We discussed the options for merging products under one brand. From their side, they are ready to give the finished product (without the use of blockchain) and start working under the Aworker brand. From our side, we work on the integration into the blockchain and product packaging. I can not yet open the service names since this is a confidential information. Perhaps you will find out soon by yourselves. We are on the stage of considering different options for cooperation and creating maximum benefits for all parties.

Publishing an article to TechInvest

Another pleasant moment of this week was the publication of our article Work and Travel: Blockchain-based system attached to your CV in TechInvest. The article says about difficulties that people have to cope with while considering changing the job post, company or even moving to another country and how our blockchain based ecosystem can help them to stop struggling.

Meeting with Headhunter representatives

On Wednesday, I met the management of Headhunter. Headhunter is the №1 site for a job search in Russia. Monthly is visited by 60.75M people. It was very nice to see the invitation to a meeting and their pure interest in Aworker.

At the meeting, I explained the possibilities of the blockchain and Aworker. We also discussed options for cooperation. We need integration with job search sites for the personal cabinet of companies. I heard some interesting questions from colleagues from HH that showed their expertise in the field.

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