Minutes from AMA #12 (June 14th, 2018)

You can watch the AMA session here.

We had a long week full of exciting events! It’s so cool to see how Aworker keeps increasing its presence on social media channels, tech portals, and listings.


  • First things first, To begin with, we have started an Airdrop #2. There are only 10,000 participants. Please, be careful and don’t join the suspicious chats re airdrops! In Aworker official Telegram chat, you can ask admins/team members all questions about the project. Reminder: You receive 5% additional bonus when your friend participates in Aworker token sale.
  • Last week Mikhail Barkov held a webinar “Is HR ready for blockchain?” He explained the basic features of blockchain technology and the issues in recruitment that can be solved by implementing.
  • Moreover, we keep receiving lots of Twitter arts, Anton’s articles were featured in several online publications, video reviews were published in several listings which is really cool and we are deeply glad to see the rise of interest in our project!
  • Last but not the least, Aworker team is delighted to share the news about Aditya Vikram Singh, a successful portfolio manager, who recently joined the Aworker Advisory Board. His specialties include AI, machine learning and crowd wisdom based algo-trading, portfolio construction, asset allocation, consulting, the blockchain, capital acquisition, fundraising, advisory, corporate finance and project management. Welcome on board, Aditya!


Aworker Considers Implementation of the ByteBall technology as well as Blockchain technology. We see the potential of DAG technology and want to support this direction, so we consider dividing the sale of WORK tokens in two directions.

You can find all details about ByteBall on the Cryptocurrency Hub.


  1. What is DAG and why do you need it?
    DAG is a modern technology and in Aworker we believe in next-gen technologies that can improve the processes in the recruitment market. We also want the crypto community to learn more about a new type of tokens based on comparative young and promising DAG (directed acyclic graph) technology.
    DAG is able to conduct hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, and unlike blockchain, every transaction here refers to the previous (parent) ones, signing their hashes and adding them in its composition. Thus, the main principle, where each transaction is confirmed and unchanged, remains.
    Thanks to the technical capabilities of both platforms, Aworker provides cross-platform conversion of tokens in the ratio of 1 to 1. Technical implementation will not affect players and will not have an impact on token emission and other conditions.
  2. Tell us more about the testnet, please
    Testnet is an alternative blockchain where we test the project. On this stage, we test the smart contract implementation to the P2P hiring.
    Reminder: P2P hiring requires the algorithm when other people recommend candidates and all participants of critical stages of hiring automatically receive a reward in tokens through smart contract. You can find more details on the GitHub.
  3. In last week’s AMA, I liked how you said how currently people can put any qualification or skill on their profiles, and that they can even say that they’re a unicorn. Which is a very good point. I wanted to ask how you plan to verify this stuff on the platform. It’s a very interesting aspect as I work in management/recruitment, and this could really save us a lot of time and hassle!
    Personal data that users put into Aworker has to be verified by relevant documents such as certificates, diplomas, notes, etc.
  4. Will the whole platform be dag based, are you creating your own blockchain, or are some elements being moved to dag, or is it just the crowdsale via ByteBall?
    It will be a separate token sale, 20M WORK tokens are reserved for ByteBall platform.
  5. Are you planning to roll it out “globally” or focus on a certain location at launch?
    We plan to go global to get an opportunity to find a perfect job for people from all over the world.

We will continue working on project development, visiting Tech events to give more people the chance to find out more about the project that will disrupt the recruitment industry.

That’s probably all for today. Hope you liked this quick update.

If you still have questions regarding the project, don’t hesitate to ask them on Telegram or via email. We will try to answer them all.

Have a great week, you all!