Results of the business breakfast “Digital Autumn: Blockchain and Recruitment”

On November 8, the business breakfast organized by Aworker with business representatives was held at the restaurant Savva in Metropol Hotel on Theater Square. This event was dedicated to the situation in the hiring market, the current problems in the recruitment industry and the topic of using blockchain technology in HR.

The event brought together representatives of the restaurant business, managers and experts in the HR management industry, and professionals from recruiting agencies. The speakers were the CEO of blockchain start-up Aworker Anton Cherkasov and his partner in the HR industry Mikhail Barkov.

“Is there really that big of a problem with distrust of candidates? How do unconfirmed skills and competencies affect the decision-making process of choosing the candidate? Are the recommendations only the formality or they do provide objective information? What is the blockchain technology and how it can help recruitment process?”

The answers to these and many other topical business questions were given by the speakers and representatives of the companies participated in the event.

In the photo: Anton Cherkasov (on the left), Mikhail Barkov (on the right)

Anton Cherkasov explained that blockchain technology offers two key advantages to the businesses: reliability and transparency. It’s impossible to change the data in the blockchain. Such reliability makes it possible to create a decentralized rating of candidates containing a set of competencies, skills and work experience. With the help of the blockchain, it’s possible to create a professional eco-system for employees’ reputation based on hard facts.

In the photo: HR Director of Aworker Mikhail Barkov and recruiting guru in Antal agency Makar Lisitsyn

Mikhail Barkov shared with the audience the latest trends in the field of recruitment and job search. He also cited examples related to distrust of candidates and consequences of this situation for business. The question of obtaining recommendations that are often too subjective was discussed too. Guests talked about how confirmed skills and competencies can help professionals in HR industry to reduce the time of the searching process and significantly reduce the cost of screening candidates for a position.

In the photo: Вusiness Development Director of Aworker Svetlana Fomenkova and Elvira Barabanova, HR Director of Upster

Nina Makogon, founder of the recruiting agency Rabotarestoran, Elena Popova, Ambassador of Chayhana №1, Elvira Barabanova, HR Director of Upster, Galima Akhmadullina, founder of portal and well-known specialist in headhunting, Lyudmila Tsatskina, ex-HR director of Chanel and frequent guest of various professional conferences, Makar Lisitsyn, recruiting guru from Antal agency, Olesya Garkusha from the friendly startup “Robot Vera”, as the main blockchain expert, they all came to the semi-official event and shared their ideas and feedback, as well as other participants.

On behalf of Aworker team, we would like to thank all participants, who have given their time to take part in a discussion. We plan that such events will become a good tradition and a meeting point for the leaders of various industries.