TOM TAILOR Russia is interested in collaboration with Aworker

Anton Cherkasov
Dec 26, 2017 · 2 min read
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The international brand TOM TAILOR shows the interest in implementing Aworker to search for new employees and assessment of their competence. It was discussed at a meeting held last Friday.

Tom Tailor Russia representatives and CEO Aworker agreed to build a long-term partnership to show the abilities of Aworker platform and to help HR department of Tom Tailor Russia to reduce costs of hiring and to speed up the candidates’ skills assessment.

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TOM TAILOR is the international brand which offers stylish, high-quality casual clothes for men and women, youth and children, and focuses on middle-income customers. In August 2014 the rebranding of TOM TAILOR brand was held in the framework of which the new brand concept was presented: URBAN, FASHION, GEAR, which is transmitted by the slogan: “Life is a game. Play, be confident in yourself and get dressed stylishly.”

Now the company has over 450 stores of its retail network, online stores available for 21 countries, more than 200 franchise stores, 2,900 shop-in-shop stores, more than 8400 multi-brand sales outlets (as of December 2015 ). The company conducts its business in 35 countries. The company hired 6,500 employees all over the world.

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