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This is a story about how we increased team performance and the quality of work. Here are the topics in this article:

  • What is OKR?
  • Weaknesses of OKRs
  • Benefits of OKRs
  • Top 3 mistakes in OKRs
  • How to use OKRs

It was several years ago when we began using OKRs in the company Kepler Leads, which is conversion rate optimization software. Being a CEO at Kepler Leads, I struggled with crucial problems in management, which were losing focus and decreasing team motivation.

The team didn’t see the main picture and didn’t understand why they did what they were doing at that time. There were many side projects in the development because we didn’t have a clear focus. Employee engagement was very low. …


Anton Cherkasov

Founder & CEO at Focus (, an OKR Platform for growing teams

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