How to Install KeyCloak 17 on Windows Machine

I have been working on a Backend project that include the use of keycloak for Authenticating and Authorization of users in my nodejs project. However, installing the keycloak on my windows computer have been very tough because all the tutorial I have watched and read about had not been working because the process is already outdated. so, I will be showing you, How I eventually solve this problem by applying my knowledge in java programming installations. Let dive into the solutions.

Tools Needed:

  1. Keycloak =>

2. Java Runtime Environment =>

3. Java SE Development kits =>

After Downloading and installing the above programs, folow the steps below to configure the keycloak.

Note: Installed the Java runtime environment before dive into Step 1

Step 1: Extract the keycloak and the Jdk zip folder on the desktop page

Step 2: Open the extracted Jdk zip Folder and copy the path like this:


Then search for env on your computer search box which means edit the system environment variables

Click and open it you will see system properties, just click on environment Variables, then click on New on User Variables to add a new paths to it like this, Variable is “JAVA_HOME” then Value is the jdk path you copied “C:\Users\OlatoCode\Desktop\jdk-18” when you are done, don't forget to click on OK.

Step 3: Open the keycloak zip folder, and then open the Readme file with Note Pad

Then, Copy the bin\ke.bat on windows

Now open your command prompt and then reference the keycloak path on the desktop page like this: C:\Users\OlatoCode\Desktop\keycloak-17.0.1>bin\kc.bat after, click on enter key on the keybord for the process to start.

After that process, go back to readme file inside the keycloak and copy and paste the start dev on windows bin\kc.bat start-dev

Once you get the Running the server in development mode it means you keycloak is finally working, then you can launch it on web browser using the url address in your readme file: http://localhost:8080

Its finally Working perfectly, Thanks for your time and don't forget to follow me and share this article with friends.



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