Like most of us, this is my first real introduction to what a global emergency feels like. Of course, we have had several epidemics from SARS to EBOLA but these were never seen on my radar in the same way that COVID-19 is.

As a mother, I find myself alert and seeking all sources that prove to be factual. I felt the need to know if we should be wearing masks, gloves, taking an extra dosage of vitamins, and looking for certain symptoms. But, above all, my response as a Christian is to pray. …

To be known as a gossip is usually a negative thing. We can all agree that talking about others excessively, or in a malicious way, is not a good thing to do and can rightfully get a person labeled as a gossip. In fact, rapping one’s jaw or being known as a muckrake could get a person arrested for hearsay in the past. Gossip can definitely get a person into trouble, not to mention the people being talked about.

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ~Socrates

Gossip can be entertaining: occasionally, I’ve heard the…

I recently read an article named “Climate Despair is Making People Give Up On Life.” The opening quote states, “It’s super painful to be a human being right now at this point in history.” Instead of poking fun at the obvious tense confusion or pointing out the stab-at-the-grammar-police lack of appropriate punctuation, (or that I read an entire article with my jaw hanging open in a wtf expression) , the focus will instead be placed on the absurdity of the statement.

What exactly is super painful to us “right now at this point in history?”

Aside from the obvious historical…

by Amy Azevedo (A.W. Ryleigh)

It’s Saturday. You are having a good day. You have run your errands, paid bills, done your grocery shopping and are on your way home to grill hamburgers and spend time with your friends and family. You hear a beep on your phone and check it while stopped at a red light. It is a Facebook alert. You notice a reply from an acquaintance on a status you had posted earlier about the construction at the local theater. It is a positive post; you feel that the city needs an updated theater for the youth…

I recently read that there were 5 stages of sleep and the REM stage is the time in which we dream. While this is not new information for me, what is new is that there is evidence that people only remember their dreams when awakened from this stage of sleep. Interestingly enough, I can remember my dreams nearly every night, and I wonder if I’ve trained myself to naturally wake up during REM to write down these creative ideas.

Whether or not I have set my own creative alarm clock, the fact that the mind is at a highly productive…

Amy Azevedo (A.W. Ryleigh)

Last summer, I was on a road trip from TX to MO to see family when I stopped for the afternoon to visit some good friends who are the proud parents of four boys. It didn’t take long before a fight broke out in the front yard between two of the siblings. It resulted in a lot of shouting, a right hook to the face, and a bloody lip. Their mother yelled from the front porch for the boys to stop fighting and within minutes had them both inside sitting at the kitchen table for a…

By Amy Azevedo

There is a new trend on the market: the Instant Pot. This is not a post against using this appliance. I have many friends, new and old to pressure cooking, that love this pot. Why? Because for the last century any appliance that can take the work out of cooking and make life simpler is loved. Of course, it is not so much the product but the idea.

“All these appliances are marketed with the promise that they’ll make life so much easier for women, that they’ll save women infinite time,” said Amy Bix, a historian at…

Dear son,

You are worthy of your place in the family.

You are worthy of being the head of your household.

You are capable of making good decisions.

You are worthy of being heard.

You are capable of being a good listener.

You are capable of a good education.

You are worthy of a good position in the workplace.

You are able to protect your children.

You are able to protect your wife.

You are worthy of teaching your children.

You should always chase your dreams.

You should be proud of your accomplishments.

You are worth being loved and supported.

For those of us that celebrate Christmas, our festive, colorful tree of happiness comes down this week as we bring in a fresh New Year and start planning our 2019. The tree and decorations come down with a finality that is a kind of a relief mixed with depression, the house gets cleaned, and everything is back in its place: now what?

Statistically, January is the most depressing month of the year. The cold and dark month also contains the most depressing day of the year: “Blue Monday.” The term referring to the third Monday of January was coined in…

Amy Azevedo

is an English Literature and Philosophy Professor, writer, and author (under the pseudonym A.W. Ryleigh).

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