by Leonard Sampson, AWS Startups

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Anyone who blogs knows that writing a post is much harder than it seems. With so many amazing contributions we’ve received, so many of you have kept our blog interesting and insightful. We’ve developed an amazing group of followers who’ve enthusiastically commented on and shared our posts regularly. With so much activity, we wanted to create a space that allowed us to share even more customer stories, more insights, and more announcements with an even wider audience. With that idea in mind, we’ve launched a new site, and we hope you will come check it out and continue to follow our blog posts at the new AWS Startups blog. It has been a sincere pleasure serving you over the last 2 years on Medium.

We welcome any input you might have regarding our new site. Should you have any topic of interest that you would like us to cover, or something you’d like to contribute yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us. …

By Rei Biermann, AWS Startups

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Thanks for being a part of the AWS Startups community! We love our loyal @AWSstartups Twitter audience, and thank you for making us one of your social channels of choice. Whether you’re already one of our followers, or would like to become one, we want to show our appreciation to you. This week, we will be giving away an Amazon Echo to one lucky winner!

To join in on the fun, please follow these two steps:

· CLICK here to enter this week’s @AWSstartups Follower Appreciation Giveaway and follow the landing page instructions. Once you’re there, click the Amazon box if you’re already following us, or click the button to follow us first, then click the Amazon box that pops up to see if you’ve won. …

Guest post by Noel Baylor, Partner Manager @ Crimson Hexagon

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Guest bio

Noel is an energetic digital media fanatic, with a diverse background in Technology Partnerships and Channel Sales. When she’s not developing partner strategies or attending industry conferences, you can find Noel enjoying live music or hiking around New England. Follow Noel on Twitter @Media_Banter.

About Crimson Hexagon

At Crimson Hexagon, we focus on delivering actionable social insights for the enterprise. This month we will surpass 1-trillion indexed posts, giving our users access to the largest data set of any social analysis platform.

Our product, ForSight, enables users to analyze conversations to surface trends, find market influencers, and measure the emotional sentiment of consumers. The platform can even be trained with our machine learning algorithm to further categorize the conversation, as shown in the following screenshot. …

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