What are the trends for summer (jackets) in 2017?

Of course we as also keep abreast of the latest fashion trends for the summer in order to keep our offer in our store and shop in Almere-date.

That is why we have decided today to make an article about summer trends in 2017 on our website to keep you well informed of the latest fashion.

What can we expect in summer 2017?
In this article we will talk about which colors, materials and styling, again, completely his.

Summer coats 2017
Next summer dresses and blousejes ladies you will find our great selection of jackets.
Below we have a few types and models for your highlighted so you can get a good picture of 1x of our offering.

Summer coats of airforce

The Airforce jackets are known for their thick winter coats airforce but also has a wide range of summer clothing including jackets, pants, polo shirts and T-shirts.

Many of the new airforce summer collection you can, often cheaper, to buy through our website.

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Tough Bikers Jackets

The tough biker jackets should not be missed in 2017!
Because fashion is very exuberant in this year with bright colors and motifs fit the biker jackets there is very good at.
In addition, many models are equipped with a waist belt that fits well with the current fashion.

“Punk makes a comeback”
Do you really want to make a statement this year but still remain in fashion? Read again this article about Punk Fashion Vogue (English)

Almere in our store you will find a wide range of biker jackets for both men and women but also on our website Become our selection of biker jackets increasing.

In our collection you can find biker jacket made of genuine leather but also cheap biker jackets made of PU

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Chic Leather Jackets
“Normal” jackets never go learn out of fashion.
Also this year they combined well again with any fashionable outfit you choose.

See all women’s leather jackets or leather jackets men by clicking on the links.

Important sources of inspiration for fashion trends for spring and summer 2017 qual idiom and prints based on the eighties.
Striking colors kleuropvallende
This year will be the year of the colors.
According to various authorities in the field of fashion and trend there will be many, striking colors used in 2017.

Loose garments to dust
The loose clothing is back in fashion!
Think of extra wide sleeves, pant legs and draperies.

The motifs are also widely used in 2017
It is also expected that this year there are plenty of use will be made of clothing (busy) motifs.
Dress with a beautiful floral motif and stripes will certainly be much worn in the summer.

floral blouse

more exposed
Strikingly bustiers or at least small tops that resemble a decorated bra or corset and be visibly worn. Sometimes with a transparent garment over, sometimes with a cardigan, jacket or anything about it.

The emphasis will be placed mainly on the waist. More exposed and you will see mostly bare bellies and deep V-necks.

Color is “the” most present trend in 2017!
Of course always turns more to color in the summer collections — outstanding season of color. But it is precisely the mix of fabrics and textures and colors this year will very diverse.

Are you not read?
Look at both the 2017 Summer collection of Victoria Beckham on elle.com and the Nouveau website you can read all about the coming back from the eighties

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