ELECTRONEUM…“Angry Birds of Crypto”

The pioneer who is breaking into gaming and taking crypto mining to the next level. It is hard to find anyone involved in crypto who has not at a very minimum heard or seen an ad about Electroneum. Electroneum, currently an ongoing ICO with 20 more days to go (from the time of writing). It is one of the hottest and most talked about ICOs today. Over 63,000 participants so far and the number is growing by hundreds every time I refresh my Electroneum dashboard page.

Electroneum is the first British based ICO that has taken the world over. Project is focused on the development of mobile mining, giving anyone with a mobile phone an opportunity to earn crypto. Electroneum has achieved something we have been waiting for. Team has made mining simple and technically free. If you were ever interested in mining crypto, you quickly realized the amount of knowledge, experience and investment it requires to get started is not for your average Joe. Well, thanks to Electroneum, that is no longer the case. Purchase some Electroneum (ETN) tokens at ongoing ICO. Download Android app available in Google Play, (Apple OS app is in development) and get ready to mine. Phone will do all the work and you collect the benefit. Mine crypto, hold it, use it as payments, trade it on exchange for other crypto or turn into fiat. It is earned and it is yours.

With increasing popularity of Electroneum around the globe, it is a matter of time before Electroneum will be on billions of mobile devices. Think of Angry Birds. Billions of people downloaded the game and played it. Electroneum is “angry birds 2.0”. Crypto is cool. Having a phone mining you some crypto is hot. Having your phone mining crypto that covers your monthly phone bill or living expenses is priceless.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Electroneum is just getting started and there is so much more to it. Electroneum is involved in gaming, desktop mining, and even a few talks of “video game console mining”. Get more details by looking into Electroneum amazing and detailed whitepaper. Check out superstar team and board of advisers. Get involved!!!

ICO sale is happening right now and ends Oct 31. Bitcoin and Ether are accepted. Bonuses are available, but decreasing in % as we get closer to the end of sale. Currently 21% bonus with a referral code.

Bitcointalk username: awwal1206


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