A lion cannot waste his precious time responding to the buzz of desert bees who cannot bite his abrasive skin! A lion is always setting a target and fashionably achieved it with accuracy and proficiency. A lion is a gentle figure that never rush to get results with eagerness and barbarism, he knows exactly when to hunt and indeed knows the exact point to unleash either an assault or leniency. Silence they say is the best answer to the fool, perhaps your decision to remain muted is another way to deal with the ingrates.

They wish you death so that their dubious deals will be buried, forgetting that a seed of social justice has been planted in the heart of Nigerians since May 29 2015. The fight against corruption is a continues assignment that will linger through time and centuries.

Even in your absence, we have seen how billions were discovered under muddy house decorated with air condition just to cool the foreign papers, we have seen how deadly weapons were confiscated in our land bordersΒ , we have seen how a former governor was sentenced to five years imprisonment without the option of fine, we have seen enough of judicial integrity all as a result of your past efforts and commitment.

They claimed to have enchanted you with a magical spell but we resolved to prayers for salvation and defeats them with certainty. They claimed to have swindle a venom to your humble self but we ask for divine intervention and miraculously defeats them. They claimed that you are incapacitated but we have seen you smiling in good spirit at the ancient city of London. They finally wish you death and we say to them nobody shall die until his appointed time arrives.

My president, you are a treasure that cannot be muddled by any man born by a woman, you are a rare gem that cannot be source in a local market, you are an aeroplane that knows no boundary in making heights, you are a gold that glitters even in the darkness of storax forest, you are a king that sacrifice his luxury for the benefit of his people, you are a leader that sacrifice his today for the enjoyment of our tomorrow, you are a leader that believes in fairness and social justice, you are the hope of the hopeless and also an icon of emancipation from the bondage of servitude and slavery. While wishing you long live and prosperity, I hope you will stay stronger to knock down any virus that stands as a barrier between our nation and the land of social liberty and success. YOU ARE WELCOME SIR!Β 

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