The Best Loading Animations of 2017

Jun 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Today we’re taking a closer look at our Loading Animations collection. According to Web Developer Advocate at Google, Paul Bakaus -“Humans overestimate passive waits by 36%”, so let’s look at some interesting tricks being used to combat the user’s impatience!

Worth Waiting For…

Animated loadings aren’t usually considered good practice because they consume resources during the loading process, so simplifying this element is recommended. A user takes just 3 seconds to abandon a page if they don’t receive feedback, so using animated loading (to entertain the user and offer content right from the start) gives the impression of activity between the server and the browser, improving the perception of performance. Learn more in this article: Why Perceived Performance Matters, Part 1: The Perception Of Time from Smashing Magazine.

This collection, contains a variety of animated typography, countdowns and simplified SVG vector graphics to create light animations amongst other things.

Studio Kraftwerk
Navigating Responsibly
NAF — The battle for time
Creative Cruise 2016
Spinning triangle loading animation
Philanthropy Advisors
Loading Tiger Challenge

If you enjoyed this Collection - we have many many more. Curated by ourselves and our digital design community, including hot themes such as Navigation, Transitions and UI Animation and Microinteractions. Head over, hunt for some inspiration or curate your own!

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